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Rolls Royce Export is a company that’s dedicated in providing you with the most reliable car exporting solution. Our mission is to deliver Bentleys to both private and trade customers in the most reliable manner as possible. .


Rolls Royce Export is not just any other car export company, we’re a team of passionate and dedicated export managers waiting to make your biggest - and most luxurious - car dreams a reality.

Customer Support

Our car export managers will be more than happy to assist you with everything you need. For your convenience, we’ve opened up several communication channels that is accessible both online and offline. .


Sixty pairs of highly skilled hands. That's the level of artisanship that goes into building every Rolls - Royce. Every detail matters - the five coats of paint on the bodyshell, the bookmatched veneers and the hand-stitched leatherwork. Perfection is their benchmark.


Wraith uses GPS data and its navigation system to predict the road ahead and automatically selects the right gear on the eight-speed transmission. In addition, Active Cruise Control uses a radar to keep track of the cars ahead and will brake automatically to maintain a safe distance, ensuring the smoothest possible ride for both driver and passengers.


Get the Rolls-Royce You always Wanted CALL US NOW! Lowest Price Guaranteed

+44 74 5994 3029

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Get the Rolls-Royce You always Wanted CALL US NOW! Lowest Price Guaranteed

+44 74 5994 3029

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Get in touch with us today so we can help you drive away with your dream Rolls-Royce

without the stress or hassle of doing everything yourself. We are trained to provide you with affordable and efficient export solutions that’s second to none.

Our Services

Export Solutions

Rolls Royce Export is the leading provider of export solutions in the country. Unlike other companies, we focus in exporting the single most important luxury car brand in the world - the Rolls Royce.

Rolls Royce Expertise

We’ve spent years growing our catalog of some of the rarest Rolls Royce around the globe. We thrive in providing you with the most dependable and all-inclusive export solution in the country. When you work with any of our export managers, you’re guaranteed to receive your dream car in the matter of days without the hassle.

Shipping Documents

Our service is simple, we find you the car that you want and arranged to have it shipped and released here with as little hurdle as possible. Our export managers take care of all the necessary application to help move the process along as quickly as possible.

Customer Service

We are the best at what we do because we put your convenience on top of our priorities. It’s our mission to help you drive away with the car of your dreams as soon as possible. Drive away in luxury by getting in touch with our export managers today.

Authorized Rolls Royce Exporter and Retailer in UK

One of the best knbest-known in the world, Rolls Royce is a name that is associated with exclusivity and sophistication. Any individual with excellent taste will bear testimony to the greatness of the brand. 

In a world of automobiles where the competitors are deeply divided and fighting aggressively for the share of the market, Rolls Royce continues to sit high atop the chain. Its brand equity transcends borders, languages and all other human barriers. Well-known for making the world’s most expensive cars, Rolls Royce is a dream for most men. 

To help the automobile enthusiasts find their dream car, Rolls Royce Export UK works hard to bring the very best of products to them. While Rolls Royce Export UK has a wide variety of products in its portfolio, the company is well-known for specializing in the procurement and import of high-value vehicles. For its customers, the company has a well-diversified portfolio of cars ranging from Lamborghini to Ferrari to, you guessed it right, Rolls Royce.  

Why Rolls Royce Export UK

Known for its years of experience, Rolls Royce Export UK can guide its clients every step of the way to ensure that no matter what the situation with import rules or financing may be, the car is delivered as per the clients’ requirements according to the clients’ wishes. The firm emphasizes heavily on quality control and makes sure that each and every one of the wishes of the clients is fulfilled. For this purpose, the company hires only the very best in the field. At the end of the day, it is really the skill of our sales executives that ensures that the client remains happy. While the nature of challenges faced by each client is different, the solutions are almost always well-designed and exactly what the client needs. 

Customer-oriented approach 

Rolls Royce Export UK has made it a part of its philosophy to approach its customer base the way one approaches its family. For this firm, it is less about the short-term gains and more about the long term loyalty that drives each and every action.  

When a client lodges a request, a dedicated sales agent takes care of all the matters related to the customer’s requested automobile. It is a lot like having your own personal doctor who is up to date on all matters related to your health. 


Rolls Royce is known for perfection in engineering. There are multiple quality control hurdles that each car needs to clear, and only then is the car delivered successfully. By mastering the art of perfection, Rolls Royce has built a cult image in the minds of the consumer. Today, the car manufacturers’ exorbitant prices are justified by the quality of comfort and luxury that the car delivers. 

Rolls Royce Export UK also strives for perfection. With an ever increasing number of transactions, there are likely to be more complications but for now, the company has been able to withstand all pressures. By developing the right process, not only has Rolls Royce Export UK developed a good model but has also set a high barrier to entry for the other companies to compete. 


Rolls Royce makes its cars distinctively for each customer. There are the hand-knit seat covers, to dedicated engineer power that responds best to the drivers’ needs. The interior is polished multiple times to ensure the paint is applied perfectly.  

In a very similar manner, Rolls Royce Export UK also works hard to maintain its image. For each client, Rolls Royce Export UK provides a great deal of flexibility. While the client base going for such a car is hugely very rich, a lot of the people either don’t carry cash or are unwilling to spend that kind of money in one go. Therefore, the company devises payment plans that cater to each customer’s needs. 


Everyone praises the designs Rolls Royce comes up with. The feeling of luxury and power at the same time leads to an insatiable desire for both. Every detail is properly covered and reviewed so as to make sure everything fits perfectly.  

It is this design that allows the car manufacturer to command premium prices. While brand building is a major factor but a more important part is the driving experience. With a Rolls Royce, you are likely to get not just a few looks of envy, but also some great comfort caused by the interior and exterior designs and various other factors. 

Rolls Royce Export UK is not much different either. The process design implemented at this company is designed in order to provide the maximum comfort and time-saving to its companies.  


If you are looking to buy a Rolls Royce, find below the numbers of our office. Rolls Royce Export UK would love to be of service to you. The aim is to ensure peace of mind to its customers and this goal is what drives the entire strategy.  

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